• A New Theory of Absence Experience. European Journal of Philosophy (2020)
  • Everything is Clear: All Perceptual Experience are Transparent. European Journal of Philosophy (2019)
  • Colour Hallucination: A New Problem for Externalist Representationalism. Analysis (2017)
  • Why Externalist Representationalism is a Form of Disjunctivism. Ratio (2017)
  • The Limitations of Perceptual Transparency. The Philosophical Quarterly (2016)
  • Colour. Philosophy Compass (2014)

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Book reviews

  • Sensorama: A Phenomenalist Account of Spacetime and its Contents, by Michael Pelczar. In Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).

Work in progress

  • Perceptual Experience: Non-Relationalism without Adverbialism.
  • Intentionality is not Representation.
  • A New Theory of Absence Experience?
  • Is Amodal Perception really Perceptual?
  • Pragmatism about Perception

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